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Beyond How-To​​​​​​​

Guru-Level Experience

Our team combined has hundreds of years of experience with social media marketing.  Team members have expertise in many aspects of social media.  And this is all led by our CEO, Vicky Wu.  

Vicky has not just social media experience, and not just marketing experience.  She has been CEO at a large regional non-profit corporation in Texas, CMO at a very successful corporation with nine separate companies under the corporate umbrella and thousands of employees and contractors, worked with large world-class global organizations such as Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Century 21, Dallas Cowboys, Nokia and others.  Along the way she has learned the best practices and efficiences from the big guys, combined with the tight budgets of non-profits and small businesses, and combined those into effective, efficient, easy-to-implement and affordable marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.  And she shares that wealth of experience with you.

We don't know only one way to do it.  We know hundreds if not thousands, and know how to choose the ones that will work in very individual situations. And we know how to teach that to you.

We've already spent thousands of hours over the years researching what works best to get results, and we've been developing those best practices into easy marketing programs since 2009.  And that research and training is what you get in marketU - our proprietary marketing bootcamp.   


The Course