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This is me, over there in the photos, doing my favorite past-time in the world - ballroom dancing.  On the left, I'm with my own dance coach in a practice session.  On the right I'm teaching class, and that's my niece assisting.

One of the reasons I became an entrepreneur was so that I would have time for dance - among other things.  Before that I had none! (you can ready a bit more about My Why here​​​​​​​.)

The other reason is because I LOVE getting results, and teaching others how to do so.  And for me, marketing is FUN.  Even more fun is crushing the results.

So let's talk results. 

While your results will vary based upon where you start and the effort you put in, among other things (... and you already know this!), these are some of the REAL results we've helped our clients achieve.

  • ​​​​​​​Results like a 9,600% increase in booking phone calls received from nothing more than one well-optimized YouTube video.
  • Moving search results from page 36 of Google to page 1 using nothing more than free social media combined with on-site SEO.
  • A 33,000% increase (yes you read that right) in the number of leads coming into a business from an optimized lead generation strategy.
  • An automated corporate recruiting strategy that received a 19,733% return on investment using Facebook pay-per-click ads.
  • Marketing strategies that helped grow a multi-billion dollar corporation - that's a 531% increase in revenue (and yes that's billion with a B).
  • 700% increase in traffic specifically from social media.
  • Savings of over $25,000 a year; revenue growth of $45,000 in three months.
  • Doubling of audience on social media in one month.
  • 20,000 YouTube video views in six weeks ... and that's without an ad.  

All of this using solid, proven marketing strategies, ones that are focused and efficient, and a LOT less budget on ads than you would think. 

And that's what I teach you in #marketU.



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