There are tons of programs out there that will teach you the mechanics of doing social media (click here, click there) - and of course we cover that too.

Plus we go BEYOND the standard how-to and use our decades of expertise in high-level marketing strategies to teach you the rest that you need to know ... things like:

  • How to turn social media marketing into a business (if that's your goal)
  • How to build customer following - for free
  • Some of the things you should NOT be doing if you want to project and maintain a professional image on social media
  • Why a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy may not be right for your business (and most likely IS not right)
  • How to find balance in engaging customers and prospects on social media while balancing a million other things as a solo entrepreneur
  • Best times to post on all of the platforms based upon tons of research
  • How to decide what strategy to focus on next
  • The importance of being authentic
  • The pros and cons of ads and what to expect from paid ads
  • How often you should post to social media
  • Why storytelling is important and how you can use it in                                                                                                     your social media marketing
  • How to strategize to get engagement on social media
  • Best time-efficient techniques to post and gain visibility
  • Using/choosing the social media platforms that match your                                                                                            customer demographics
  • How the various platforms can complement one another
  • Reviewing how your reach is working
  • Knowing more how social media works as far as business goes
  • What type of content to share
  • The difference between content that is simply inspirational and content that actually moves people to do something




Beyond How-To​​​​​​​

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